Why temperature monitoring is important in just about every industry

Whether for IT, telecommunications, food service or university research, temperature monitoring is an absolute must. Depending on the industry, specific concerns will often trump others - for example, food spoilage is a priority of restaurants, while healthcare providers focus on treating patients. However, no professional can do their job if their core tools are rendered useless as a result of excess heat. Environmental concerns are ever present, and temperature monitoring can help to mitigate their sometimes disastrous effects.

Think temperature monitoring isn't vital? Think again!

No matter the industry sector, temperature monitoring is a necessary consideration in order to make sure operations continuously run smoothly.

  • Food service: This one should be obvious, as food spoilage is a major concern for any restaurant or other company that needs to keep fruits and vegetables as fresh as possible. If a walk-in refrigerator malfunctions or if a freezer unit becomes too hot, hundreds of dollar's worth of inventory would have to be thrown away. Even minute changes in the internal temperature of a food storage unit would mean a company was non-compliant and thus subject to a whole host of fines and other legal concerns. In a worst case scenario, food stored improperly can make someone extremely ill
  • Advanced research: Universities and other research facilities are on the cutting edge of developing the latest cures and technologies. These teams, in order to do their job effectively, need to conduct their work in as controlled an environment as possible. Any small change in conditions could make their work moot and destroy years of effort.
  • Healthcare: The technology used to treat diseases in this day and age is incredibly powerful - but often it can be very delicate as well. Any change in temperature in a hospital storage facility can break down a life-saving pill or make a syringe unfit for use, for example.

No matter the industry, the temperature monitoring tools offered by ITWatchDogs are an ideal way of making sure that systems always run as they should and that operations are never interrupted by unexpected issues.

Watchdog 100
Price: $299.00 Climate monitor with on-board temp/humidity