Download the latest firmware for the WeatherGoose Series-II units below.

This firmware supports the following devices:

WeatherGoose II
MiniGoose II
RelayGoose II
SuperGoose II
MiniGoose/XP II
RelayGoose IIP
PowerGoose II

If you are updating your unit from an earlier firmware version, please be sure to read the release notes below to see what has changed between versions before applying the update to your device!


WeatherGoose Series-II v3.15.0 — (released Feb. 19, 2015)


ITWatchDogs is in the process of merging our brand with that of our parent company, Geist Global, into a single unified brand of data-center monitoring products.  As part this rebranding, this firmware update will rebrand your ITWatchDogs "WeatherGoose Series-II" into the equivalent "ITWatchdogs by Geist"-branded, Watchdog 1000-series device.  (If you don't see any change in the unit's web page after updating, hit [F5] to refresh your browser.)  Note that this will be the final release for the "WeatherGoose Series-II" product line; once you have installed this firmware into your unit, you will be able to install any future firmware updates under the "Watchdog 1000-series".



As part of this merge, the enterprise numbers in the SNMP MIB and OIDs have changed!  Customers using SNMP monitoring are strongly cautioned to examine the .MIB and .CSV files inside this firmware package before applying the v3.15.0 update to their units, and will need to change their SNMP configurations appropriately to make sure they're using the new OIDs.  In most cases, the only change will be that the 'enterprises' value, and the PID code following it, will need to be changed from 17373.3 to 21239.2.




WeatherGoose Series-II v3.12.7 — (released Mar. 17, 2014)

  • bug fixes:
    • ♦ Units sometimes became unresponsive under heavy network-traffic loads. Fixed.
    • ♦ Fixed a minor formatting issue in the MIB that was causing difficulties with some SNMP management tools.
    • ♦ Fixed an issue that caused SNMP to respond slowly on some units.
    • ♦ Fixed an issue with various SNMP entries not updating when the device's network address changed.
    • ♦ Fixed an issue that could cause units not to reboot during the firmware update process.
      Note: This fix takes effect the next time the unit is updated after installing this firmware or newer. Reverting to firmware prior to 3.12.7 will reintroduce this issue.
    • ♦ Previously-connected IOE, RTAFHD3, T3HD, THD, and RPM-X2 devices sometimes showed up as "Unknown" in the unit's web interface, and would go missing from SNMP, if they were unplugged during bootup.
    • ♦ IOE reported relay status twice, instead of 'mode' and 'status', in data.xml.
    • ♦ Fixed an issue that could cause T3HD sensors to remain in the "Unavailable" state forever under certain conditions.
    • ♦ Analog-inputs would sometimes all get the same default friendly name of "Analog-1" when the unit was reset, instead of the names being correctly numbered. Fixed.
  • enhancements:
    • ♦ Added ipForward.ipCidrRouteTable to SNMP.
    • ♦ Added IP address and IP Address/Measurement scrolling to the front-panel LCD display options for SuperGoose-II and RelayGoose-II units.
    • ♦ Added "time since last status change" to RS2 outlets in data.xml and SNMP.
    • ♦ Report actual link speed and uptime information in MIB interfaces table.
    • ♦ Changed the "uptime" field in the unit's data.xml to report in seconds.

WeatherGoose Series-II v3.12.1 — (released Jun. 6, 2013)

  • bug fixes:
    • ♦ Fixed an issue where T3HD erroneously reported its secondary temperature sensors as "unplugged" or "unavailable" if their temperatures went below 0°C.
    • ♦ Fixed an issue with special characters in "friendly names" causing XML parsing errors.

Note: Due to certain changes in the internal data-storage formats, once you have update a unit to v3.12.1 or higher, you will not be able to "downgrade" to firmware versions earlier than v3.12.1!

WeatherGoose Series-II v3.9.8 — (released Jan. 11, 2013)

  • enhancements:
    • ♦ Added support for new CCAT to match 60Vdc analog sensor.
    • ♦ Added a "reboot" button to the Config->Admin page.
    • ♦ Improved Chinese and Japanese translations.

WeatherGoose Series-II v3.9.7 — (released Nov. 16, 2012)

  • bug fixes:
    • ♦ Fixed image links for DCS-6112 and DCS-2210 cameras.
    • ♦ Fixed a rare issue where CCAT devices could become unresponsive.
  • enhancements:
    • ♦ Grapg-color legends on PDA page now match the main Sensors page.

WeatherGoose Series-II v3.9.6 — (released Sept. 12, 2012)

  • bug fixes:
    • ♦ Fixed an issue where dates weren't recognized correctly when importing the .CSV log file into some versions of Excel.
  • enhancements:
    • ♦ Added support for D-Link DCS-6112 and DCS-2210 cameras.

WeatherGoose Series-II v3.9.5 — (released Aug. 03, 2012)

  • enhancements:
    • ♦ Measurements can now be logged as the average of all samples taken within each 60-second logging period
    • ♦ added Japanese language support

WeatherGoose Series-II v3.9.4 — (released May 18, 2012)

  • bug fixes:
    • ♦ Fixed web pages disappearing when certain languages were selected
    • ♦ Fixed an issue with custom camera URLs
  • enhancements:
    • ♦ Added support for new T3HD and THD sensors
    • ♦ Extended Current Monitor and 30Vdc CCAT logging precision to 2 decimal places
    • ♦ Updated French translation

WeatherGoose Series-II v3.9.1 — (released Feb. 8, 2012)

  • bug fixes:
    • ♦ Fixed a memory-leak issue when sending SNMP traps fails
    • ♦ Page-load errors when the browser's default language settings are not natively supported
    • ♦ Potential loss of connectivity under heavy network traffic
    • ♦ Errors in WatchDog Console displays when device's native language is not set to English
    • ♦ Camera passwords no longer shown in web pages' HTML source code (security fix)
  • enhancements:
    • ♦ Alarms can now be set via SNMP (see new alarmSystem table in MIB)
    • ♦ Var-binds alarmTrigger and alarmInstance included in all SNMP traps
    • ♦ Improved page-loading times when using HTTPS in some browsers
    • ♦ Changed SNMP alarmTripType and temperaturePrecision to integer enumerations

WeatherGoose Series-II v3.8.1 — (released Aug. 10, 2011)

  • bug fixes:
    • ♦ Broken powerMonitorCount and tempSensorCount entries in sensorCounts SNMP table
    • ♦ MiniGoose/XP-II Analog input traps being sent with wrong trap ID
    • ♦ WeatherGoose II, SuperGoose II, MicroGoose humidity traps sent with wrong trap ID
  • enhancements:
    • ♦ Automated switching of outlets via alarms on RPM-X2's
    • ♦ Improved handling for certain network errors
    • ♦ Improved compatibility with "chatty" email servers which send unexpected extra SMTP status lines during login sequence

WeatherGoose Series-II v3.8.0 — (released Jun. 10, 2011)

  • bug fixes:
    • ♦ Fixed SNMP sensorCounts table not responding properly to requests with .0 at the end of the OID.
    • ♦ Email passwords no longer shown in configuration-page source code (security fix)
  • enhancements:
    • ♦ German, French and Chinese language translations.
    • ♦ Total kWh and Total Real Power to RSS.
         Note: To reduce visual clutter these values are not displayed on the Sensors page of single-channel units, but are shown on the Alarms page, Logging page,data.xml, SNMP and CLP for easy standardization of scripts and monitoring by 3rd-party systems.
    • ♦ Apparent Power keys in data.xml changed from "Volt-Amps" to "ApPower" on true delta RCX, RCM-O and RCU-O units to match other devices.

WeatherGoose Series-II v3.6.1 — (released Mar. 01, 2011)

  • bug fixes:
    • ♦ Spurious errors on old-style RTHD2, RTAFH2 and RTAF2 sensors could cause them to show up as "Unavailable" or "Unplugged"
    • ♦ Spontaneous resetting of Time Range selection on the Logging page after a page refresh
    • ♦ DHCP sometimes turning off after firmware updates
  • enhancements:
    • ♦ Improved some minor user-interface inconsistencies
    • ♦ User-definable scaling for analog-input channels
    • ♦ Improved performance of I/O-Expander relay switching
    • ♦ RPM-X2 devices now report possible relay-switching failures more accurately

WeatherGoose Series-II v3.6.0 — (released Jan. 21, 2011)

  • bug fixes:
    • ♦ Incorrect IP address in email reports when using DHCP
  • enhancements:
    • ♦ Improved reliability of data-bus communication with remote airflow and dewpoint sensors.
    • ♦ Temperature precision setting (1-degree or 1/10th degree) for SNMP, since SNMP doesn't allow for floating-point values
    • ♦ Favicon for browser bookmarks
    • ♦ Email protocol is selected via drop-down in Configuration
    • ♦ Select alarm actions using checkboxes instead of [CTRL]-click list method
    • ♦ Dynamic content on Sensors and Logging pages auto-updates without needing page refreshes in browser

WeatherGoose Series-II v3.5.6 — (released Nov. 16, 2010)

  • bug fixes:
    • ♦ Incorrect SNMP sysDescr on some units
    • ♦ Amps (current) measurements on PowerGoose now report in 1/10ths of an Amp in SNMP, since SNMP doesn't allow for floating-point values
  • enhancements:
    • ♦ Mouse-over tooltips for some Sensors page measurements
    • ♦ Added an option for SMS-friendly e-mail format (shorter, to fit in a single 140-character message)
    • ♦ Removed some unnecessary syslog messages
    • ♦ Improved compatibility with certain Telnet clients which add extra <CR> or <LF> to the ends of lines

WeatherGoose Series-II v3.5.1 — (released Oct. 22, 2010)

  • bug fixes:
    • ♦ Smoke-Alarm CCATs could lock up the unit due to missing device-handler table.
  • enhancements:
    • ♦ Automatic refreshing of Sensors page

WeatherGoose Series-II v3.5.0 — (released Aug. 12, 2010)

  • bug fixes:
    • ♦ Some sensors not showing up in SNMP consistently
    • ♦ Missing variable bindings in some SNMP traps
  • enhancements:
    • ♦ Support for new RTAFHD3 sensors
    • ♦ upport for upcoming RPM-X2 Power Manager product
    • ♦ Contextual help system
    • ♦ Webcam thumbnails enlarged for better viewability on smaller screens
    • ♦ Improved handling of camera IP address entry

WeatherGoose Series-II v3.4.5 — (released Jul. 14, 2010)

  • bug fixes:
    • ♦ "Generic Digital" CCAT always reading 0 in SNMP
  • enhancements:
    • ♦ message to indicate when no measurements are selected on models equipped with LCD displays

WeatherGoose Series-II v3.4.0 — (released Apr. 15, 2010)

  • bug fixes:
    • ♦ Improved logging system to reduce loss of data if the unit is rebooted or power-cycled before a memory page is filled.
  • enhancements:
    • ♦ Spanish language support
    • ♦ Support for automatic Daylight Saving Time (DST) switchovers
    • ♦ Alarm Notifications now have a "repeat" and "delay" options
    • ♦ User can now selectively disable logging of unused sensors
    • ♦ Event Log stores important events, such as alarms, in flash
    • ♦ "Office hours" option to disable email alarms during specified times
    • ♦ Dewpoint measurements added to all devices with humidity sensors
    • ♦ Separate checkboxes to control which measurements are displayed on the LCD

WeatherGoose Series-II v3.3.0 — (released Nov. 05, 2009)

  • bug fixes:
    • ♦ Web interface display problems in some browsers
    • ♦ RTAFH2/RTHD2 humidity-sensor data-bus communications issues
    • ♦ Increased number of times unit will attempt to re-send an e-mail
    • ♦ Fixed an issue with device friendly names not being preserved across firmware updates
    • ♦ Race condition in DNS code causing DNS lookups to fail under certain conditions
  • enhancements:
    • ♦ Video and password support for webcams
    • ♦ Syslog "notice" messages promoted to "alert" level to assist in remote debugging
    • ♦ Improved flexibility in network configuration parameters

WeatherGoose Series-II v3.2.22

  • bug fixes:
    • ♦ Some saved parameters not carrying forward during firmware updates
  • enhancements:
    • ♦ Support for D-Link DCS-3110 webcam

WeatherGoose Series-II v3.2.10

  • bug fixes:
    • ♦ Webserver URL decoding change
    • ♦ Improved SNMP support
    • ♦ Increased resources for HTTPS to improve performance
  • enhancements:
    • ♦ RTC warnings for setting GMT and GMT offset
    • ♦ Improved web interface for RelayGoose II-specific features

WeatherGoose Series-II v3.2.04

  • bug fixes:
    • ♦ Improved RelayGoose II support
    • ♦ XML configuration-file issue
    • ♦ Misc bug fixes
    • ♦ Issue with alarms not resetting under certain conditions

WeatherGoose Series-II v3.2.01

  • enhancements:
    • ♦ Support for RelayGoose II