Download the latest firmware for WatchDog-15 units below.

This firmware supports the following devices:

♦ WatchDog 15
♦ WatchDog 15-P

If you are updating your unit from an earlier firmware version, please be sure to read the release notes below to see what has changed between versions before applying the update to your device! 

Also, please note that due to the 2015 brand merger between ITWatchdogs and Geist, if you currently have an ITWatchdogs-branded device with a firmware version prior to v1.6.0, you may need to first install v1.6.0 firmware update before installing any v3.x.x updates, as v1.5.x and earlier may not recognize the validation signature on the brand-merged v3.x.x firmwares.

WatchDog-15 v3.3.3

  • bug fixes:
    • Fixed multiple issues with SNMP BulkGet command.
    • Fixed invalid or prefix (no instance number) OIDs with GetNext command.

  • Attention

    Please Note:
    • This release is supported by Geist Automated Smart Updater (ASU) versions v1.20.0.5 and newer.
    • Migration to v3.3.3 is available only for products running v3.0.0 or newer. For products running older firmware, please contact Geist Technical Support for upgrade assistance.
    • Once you update firmware to v3.3.3, you may not downgrade to a previous version firmware. Please contact for any additional questions.

    WatchDog-15 v3.3.2

    • enhancements:
      • Geist Discovery Protocol
    • bug fixes:
      • SNMP communications delays present in v3.3.1.
      • RSTP system improvements.
      • A2D sensors recognition and stability.
      • Unresponsive or intermittent IPv6 router operation.
      • System reboot caused by SMTP configuration with username and no password.
      • Addressed potential Cross Frame Scripting (XFS) vulnerability.

    • Attention

      Please Note:
      • This release is supported by Geist Automated Smart Updater (ASU) version v1.20.0.2 or newer.
      • Migration to v3.3.2 is available only for products running v2.0.0 or newer. For products running v1.x firmware, please contact Geist Technical Support for upgrade assistance.
      • Once you update firmware to v3.3.2, you may not downgrade to a previous version firmware. Please contact for any additional questions.

      WatchDog-15 v3.2.0

      • bug fixes:
        • Fixed issue where graphs were not properly rendering.
        • Fixed issue where SNMP trap where CCAT would not include sensor type in trap.
        • Fixed issue that was causing units to not poll configured NTP server.
        • Fixed issue where uppercase letters could not be used in email addresses
      • enhancements:
        • Added functionality to separate the ability to enable/disable SNMP v1/v2c and SNMP v3 independently.
        • Added ability for users to set hostname on device
        • Added device reboot button to GUI
        • Improved RSTP functionality
        • Improved graph scaling to show available data regardless of what time frame is selected.

      WatchDog-15 v3.1.0 — (released Mar. 15, 2016)

      • bug fixes:
        • Fixed various network-performance issues which, in some instances, caused slow GUI load times, delayed email alerts, and unresponsiveness.
        • Fixed an issue where SNMP traps would send incorrect OIDs.
        • Fixed an issue where the A2D sensor would sometimes be shown as "unavailable" after configuration changes to the device.

      WatchDog-15 v3.0.1 — (released Jan. 21, 2016)

      The release of firmware version 3.0.1 corrected OIDs for internal environmental sensors that were changed in 3.0.0.


      The issue found in v3.0.0 for Watchdog 15/100 devices was with the OIDs for the internal Temperature, Humidity and Dew Point sensors that were inadvertently changed.  This could cause software using SNMP to report incorrect values for these sensors.  The update to v3.0.1 will revert these OIDs to their correct values.

      WatchDog-15 v3.0.0 — (released Dec. 02, 2015)


      This firmware release is a major change to the firmware of the Watchdog 15.  It includes a new GUI, new features, improved stability, and other improvements.  Customers updating from the older v1.x.x firmware versions, please be aware of the following items:

      • Once the unit has been updated to v3.0.0, it cannot be downgraded to the prior v1.x.x firmware.
      • If your unit is an ITWatchdogs-branded device with a firmware version prior to v1.6.0, you will need to install the v1.6.0 firmware (below) before updating it to v3.0.0.  (The easiest way to determine this is to log in to the unit's GUI; if it has a blue-and-white color scheme with the old ITWatchDogs "yellow dog" logo in the upper-left corner, you'll need to apply v1.6.0 before updating to v3.0.0.)
      • Firmware updates over HTTPS will not be supported in v3.0.0.  After updating the unit to v3.0.0, if you set the unit to allow "HTTPS Only" and disable HTTP access, you will not be able to apply any future firmware updates without reenabling HTTP access first.
      • v3.0.0 is not compatible with Watchdog Console Aggregator!  The 3.0.0 firmware does not implement the deprecated XML-based API which Console used, and Console is not able to use the newer JSON-based API.  If you wish to continue using the Watchdog Console Aggregator software, do NOT update your Watchdog units to any firmware beyond v1.6.0!  (Console Aggregator itself has been discontinued, in favor of RackNet-NM Node Manager.  Existing Console owners may be eligible for a discounted upgrade to Racknet-NM; please contact us for more information.)


      • bug fixes:
        • Fixed an issue where SNMP requests with long OIDs sometimes caused spontaneous reboots.
        • SNMP getNext operations on invalid OIDs sometimes wrapped around to beginning of the MIB, causing an infinite loop in some SNMP managers.  Fixed.
        • Improved validation of various numeric and IP-address entry fields.
      • enhancements:
        • Removed support for deprecated SSLv3 protocol, for security reasons.  Only TLS v1.2 is now supported.
        • Removed support for 512-bit SSL/TLS certificates.
        • Server certificates have been upgraded to 2048-bit.
        • Added support for mail servers that use STARTTLS, such as Office365.
        • Added support for the new A2D analog-to-digital converter, which will replace the soon-to-be-discontinued CCAT interface.
        • Special characters '-', '!', and '~' are now permitted in SNMP community strings.
        • New web interface, including a JSON-based web API.
        • Added automatic Daylight-Saving Time (DST) adjustments.
        • Added support for SNMPv3.
        • Added support for IPv6.
        • New, more flexible and configurable alarm system:
          • Alarm triggers now have individual delays for both trip and clear.
          • Delays and Repeats can be anywhere from 0–14400 seconds.  (14400 seconds = 240 minutes, or 4 hours.)
          • User can define up to 8 "valid time" ranges, and set individual alarms to trip (or not trip) only within or outside of those times.
          • User can now define up to 32 alarm "actions", each with individually-settable delayed and repeating actions, and assign any of these actions to any alarm trigger.
            (NOTE: Due to this change in the alarm-system behavior, be aware that any alarms which currently have "repeat every __ minutes" set in your current v1.x.x firmware will have their "repeat" settings reset to "0"!  You will need to go back into the alarm settings after the update and manually re-enable repeats on the alarm actions after updating.  Also note that all delay and repeat timers are now given in seconds, not minutes; if you previously had a 30-minute repeat, for example, be sure to reprogram it as "1800", not "30".)
          • Alarm triggers can be set to be either "Alarm" or "Warning" priority.
          • An alarm or warning can be made to "latch", requiring the user to manually log in to acknowledge and clear the event.

      Use the Geist Automated Smart Updater to update multiple devices at the same time.

      WatchDog-15 v1.6.0 — (released Feb. 16, 2015)

       ITWatchDogs is in the process of merging our brand with that of our parent company, Geist Global, into a single unified brand of data-center monitoring products.  As part this rebranding, this firmware update will rebrand your ITWatchDogs "WatchDog-15" into an "ITWatchdogs by Geist"-branded device.  (If you don't see any change in the unit's web page after updating, hit [F5] to refresh your browser.)   


      As part of this merge, the enterprise numbers in the SNMP MIB and OIDs have changed!  Customers using SNMP monitoring are strongly cautioned to examine the .MIB and .CSV files inside this firmware package before applying the v1.6.0 update to their units, and will need to change their SNMP configurations appropriately to make sure they're using the new OIDs.  In most cases, the only change will be that the 'enterprises' value, and the PID code following it, will need to be changed from 17373.4 to 21239.5.


      • enhancements:
        • Expanded the length of the email password field 63 characters, to accommodate hosted email services that required passwords longer than the previous 39-character maximum.  (Note: this change only affects the SMTP email password; all other password fields retain the 39-character length limit.)

      Note: Due to changes in the internal data format to accommodate the expanded SMTP password length, once the unit has been updated to firmware v1.6.0, it cannot be reverted back to an earlier firmware version.

      WatchDog-15 v1.5.5 — (released Sept. 22, 2014)

      • bug fixes:
        • Fixed an issue where some NMAP security scans were causing the unit to become unresponsive until rebooted.
        • Extremely low humidity (<10%) values from the sensor chip sometimes caused a math error when converting from the sensor's raw data value to a %RH value, which resulted in bad humidity readings in the log.  Fixed.
      • enhancements:
        • Default NTP sync period is now 43200 seconds (every 12 hours), rather than 1800 seconds (30 minutes) to reduce unnecessary load on NTP servers.
        • Changed the description of airflow values on the RTAFHD3 sensor to better explain the sensor's behavior.

      WatchDog-15 v1.5.4 — (released Oct. 11, 2013)

      This is a mandatory upgrade for all users who are using Gmail as their SMTP mail server! (see below)

      • bug fixes:
        • Some customers reported problems with the RPM-X2 Remote Power Manager not graphing or logging Real or Apparent Power measurements correctly under certain conditions.  Fixed. Note: if your RPM-X2 data still does not show correctly after the update, clear the unit's log history, then close your browser and clear its cache.
        • Fixed an issue where SMTP servers that tried to force 2048-bit SSL client certificates (such as GMail), even when the WatchDog indicated to the server that it didn't support 2048-bit certificate keys, would crash and reboot the unit. Added support for 2048-bit certificates.
      • enhancements:
        • Improved compatibility with some automated asset-management software (such as LanSweeper) that try to identify individual devices by sweeping the user's network looking for certain SNMP values.

      WatchDog-15 v1.5.3 — (released Aug. 15, 2013)

      • bug fixes:
        • Fixed an issue where some versions of the RPM-X2 Remote Power Manager did not display the line-voltage reading correctly.
        • Email and camera passwords are now properly obscured in the configuration page's HTML code.
        • Fixed an issue where camera username/password settings did not always work properly when camera was set to use a user-supplied URL instead of one of the supported camera-model presets.
        • Fixed an issue where the unit would not accept email or NTP server addresses that had mixed numeric and alphanumeric parts in the domain names; i.e. ""
        • Fixed an issue where non-standard TLDs at the end of email addresses would not be accepted.

      WatchDog-15 v1.5.2 — (released Feb. 19, 2013)

      • bug fixes:
        • Secondary temperature sensors on T3HD Temperature/Humidity/Dew Point Kit did not report below-freezing temperatures correctly.

      WatchDog-15 v1.5.1 — (released Jan. 22, 2013)

      • bug fixes:
        • Fixed an issue where the clock would revert to 2000-01-01 if you updated the unit's firmware while the clock was not set, which could cause similar behavior as that described in v1.4.3, below.  Any date before 2010-01-01 is now considered invalid, and data will not be logged if the clock is set prior to that date.
        • Fixed an issue where if a sensor was disconnected while one of its alarms was tripped, and that alarm used the internal relay or a relay on the RPM-X2, the relay would "un-trip" on the first invalid sensor reading, then re-trip again when the sensor was declared "unplugged."
        • Fixed an issue which occasionally caused data logs to not be emitted correctly, making it look as though the unit's data was corrupted even though the data in memory was still intact.
      • enhancements:
        • Sensors which went "unplugged" due to signal interference or physical disconnection now send a "reconnected" message when they come back online.
        • Added support for new CCAT-60 type.  (Matching A/D converter for 60VDCM analog sensor.)

      Note: Once the unit has been updated to firmware v1.5.1, it cannot be reverted back to an earlier firmware version.

      WatchDog-15 v1.4.4 — (released Nov. 14, 2012)

      • bug fixes:
        • Trying to view the Logging-page graph when there was no data in memory resulted in an empty black square on some browsers.
        • Unit would sometimes return malformed SNMP packets when attempting SNMPGetNext on a nonexistent or invalid OID.
        • Fixed some MIB syntax issues which caused certain SNMP management software to fail to import the MIB correctly.
        • Some OIDs associated with the T3HD sensor device were returning incorrect data types.
      • enhancements:
        • Added D-Link DCS-6112 camera to supported camera list
        • "Clear Log History" now requires the user to be logged in at Control or Admin levels if a Control password is set.
        • More informative error message if user tries to set out-of-range alarm delay or repeat intervals.
        • ~ and ^ characters now allowed in e-mail addresses.

      WatchDog-15 v1.4.3 — (released Sept. 24, 2012)

      • bug fixes:
        • All graphing/logging functions are now completely disabled if the clock date is invalid. This fixes an issue where the unit sometimes tried to log data points after the unit had been left powered down long enough for the internal clock's backup power to run down, which caused excessively-long download times on logs and graphs due to the unit trying to fill in the gap from Jan.1st, 2000 to the current date with empty data cells whenever the log data was requested by the browser.
        • Fixed some issues with malformed or invalid URLs on certain camera models
        • Fixed an SNMP issue with traps not having the correct instance numbers when a unit had more than one of the same type of external sensor attached.
        • Fixed an SNMP issue where CCATs were being assigned instance numbers based on their matched analog-sensor type ("water", "smoke alarm", etc.), which could potentially result in two CCATs of different types being assigned the same instance number, making one of them effectively "invisible" via SNMP.
        • Temperature-offset control was applying 2x the selected correction. (WatchDog-15 only)
      • enhancements:
        • SNMP v2C traps generated by alarms associated with CCATs now specify the CCAT's "sensor type" OID as part of the trap message.
        • Access, camera, and SNMP e-mail passwords can now be up to 39 characters long (previous limit was 19 characters).
        • Gaps in the data log are now shown as empty spaces on the graph, instead of being graphed as "0".
        • Made the Logging page graph larger, for better visibility on handheld devices.
        • Automatic time-range adjustment on logging page now allows the user to choose the largest time range that will display *all* of the data in memory, not just the largest range that can be completely filled by the available data. (For example, if there were 5 hours' worth of data in the log, the user can now choose the 8-hour range and the "extra" 3 hours will be shown as a blank gap, whereas previously the unit would only let the user choose the 2-hour range because there wasn't enough data to completely fill an 8-hour graph.)
        • Various minor UI and browser-compatibility improvements.

      WatchDog-15 v1.4.2 — (released Aug. 10, 2012)

      • initial release