Download the latest firmware for the Watchdog 1000-series units below. 

This firmware supports the following devices:

Watchdog 1000
Watchdog 1200
Watchdog 1400
RAC10 Room Air Controller
Watchdog 1250
Watchdog 1400P

If you are updating your unit from an earlier firmware version, please be sure to read the release notes below to see what has changed between versions before applying the update to your device!


Watchdog 1000-series v3.16.3 — (released July 29, 2016)


We’re pleased to announce firmware version 3.16.3.  This firmware release includes improved stability, resolution of performance issues and additional enhancements.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue with email alerts not sending when SSL/TLS connections are required.
  • Fixed issue where the MAC address was not reporting on standard OID.



Watchdog 1000-series v3.15.0 — (released Feb. 19, 2015)


Initial release as part of ITWatchDogs' brand merger with that of our parent company, Geist Global, into a single unified brand of data-center monitoring products.  Firmwares prior to v3.15.0 are only for the "Weathergoose Series-II"-branded units, and are not listed here.