Download the latest software for the WatchDog Console. Lite version is free, but only supports up to 2 Geese. The Installer will automatically uninstall the previous Console so no manual uninstallation is needed. For trouble shooting, please download and read User Guide or call customer service.

Works with all ITW climate monitors:

SuperGoose II
WeatherGoose II
RelayGoose II
MiniGoose II
MiniGooseXP II
PowerGoose II
MiniGoose 2

Note: The default username/password for first time login is: admin/console250

Existing license 2.xx license keys are valid for all 3.xx releases.


WatchDog Console (Full Version) 3.2.2 — (Mar. 21, 2014)


WatchDog Console Lite 3.2.2


  • ♦ User can now choose which sensor(s) are displayed on the Overview and Dashboard pages by selecting checkboxes on each unit's details page.
  • ♦ Fixed an issue where the user's custom-background image for the Overview page could be accidentally deleted when reinstalling or updating Console versions.
  • ♦ The default-sample background image on the Overview page is smaller, to better fit a wider variety of screens.  (The user can still install larger images for wider screens if they wish.)
  • ♦ Fixed an issue where Console would appear to stop polling data from series-I units for no apparent reason.  The cause turns out to be a security issue in Windows 7 / Server 2008, which (unlike previous Windows versions) now considers the FTP method used to update firmware on series-I devices to be a security risk.  Because of this, Windows was blocking Console's access to those units' IP addresses after a firmware check or update was attempted.  As of this version, Console will no longer attempt to perform firmware updates on series-I units.  (Series-II units and WatchDog-series units are not affected).

WatchDog Console (Full Version) 3.2.1 — (Nov. 7, 2013)


WatchDog Console Lite 3.2.1


  • ♦ Still-image thumbnails from Foscam / Wanscam cameras are now loaded correctly when user configures their URLs into a WeatherGoose Series-II or WatchDog-series unit.  (Previous Console versions did not recognize these cameras' HTTP headers as valid.)
  • ♦ Fixed an issue where newly-added units would sometimes overlap another unit's icon, causing one of them to seemingly "disappear" from the display.


WatchDog Console (Full Version) 3.2.0 — (Aug. 6, 2013)

WatchDog Console Lite 3.2.0


  • ♦ Added a new, easy-to-browse "Overview" page. Customers can upload their own graphics to represent their facility (photographs, floor plans, etc.) and place the monitoring units on it, giving a visual representation of what's being monitored and where.
  • ♦ A new page, called "Dashboard", displays the full summary of all units' status formerly on the "Overview" page. Customers can choose which page is shown by default.
  • ♦ Fixed an issue with redundant e-mail alerts being sent due to XML errors in received data.
  • ♦ Fixed an issue with server names not sorting correctly in the "Status" page.


WatchDog Console (Full Version) 3.1.9 — (Dec. 5, 2012)


  • ♦ Fixed a bug that prevented remote firmware updates to WatchDog-15 and WatchDog-100 units.
  • ♦ Console can now send an alert e-mail if one of the monitored units goes offline and stops responding.


WatchDog Console (Full Version) 3.1.8 — (Sept. 17, 2012)


  • ♦ Improved support for WatchDog 100 and WatchDog 15 firmware. 
  • ♦ Improved support for Axis and Panasonic cameras. 
  • ♦ Fixed https issues with Windows7 and Server 2008. 
  • ♦ Fixed issue where SQL Server model database couldn't be created on some machines. 
  • ♦ Added server comparison column to Status Page. 
  • ♦ WatchDog 100 temperature is now grouped with TempC or TempF depending on the selected unit. 


WatchDog Console (Full Version) 3.1.7 — (Mar. 19, 2012)


  • ♦ Added ability to download old archived data in CSV format on the Logs tab. 
  • ♦ Order of units in the Overview tab now matches that of servers.xml file. 
  • ♦ Changed "Alarm remain tripped for" to a text entry field from a drop box. 
  • ♦ Camera passwords are now shown as stars in the Config tab. 
  • ♦ Fixed inability to login to Console when FIPS-compliance is enabled on the server. 
  • ♦ Fixed a batch firmware update problem introduced in v3.1.6. 
  • ♦ Fixed a discrepancy in versions shown by the Server and Firmware tabs. 
  • ♦ Fixed an alarm mis-trip issue due to floating point rounding. 
  • ♦ Fixed compatibility issues with WatchDog 100 devices. 
  • ♦ Updated copyrights to 2012. 


WatchDog Console (Full Version) 3.1.6 — (Oct. 10, 2011)


  • ♦ Added support for WatchDog series.
  • ♦ Fixed alarms on non-English units causing errors.
  • ♦ Analog measurements now show custom min/max values.
  • ♦ Dew point values are reported with the correct temperature units.
  • ♦ Fixed Panasonic camera compatibility bug.
  • ♦ Camera password are saved to disk and remembered at next restart.


WatchDog Console (Full Version) 3.1.5 — (Feb. 2, 2011)

  • ♦ Added alarm push for relay devices (RelayGoose II, RelayGoosePOE II, IO Expander).
  • ♦ Fully Unicode compatible. Aggregate multi-language units on the same page.
  • ♦ Fixed alarms not setting correctly on PowerGoose II with firmware 3.4.0 or higher.
  • ♦ Fixed invalid format error when entering time zone in HTTPS mode.
  • ♦ Fixed dew point sensors only showing up in one temperature unit.
  • ♦ Updated copyright information.


WatchDog Console (Full Version) 3.1.4 — (Jul. 30, 2010)

  • ♦ fixed a bug that caused alarm push not successful even if credentials are saved
  • ♦ more detailed error messages when credentials failed or unit is non-responsive
  • ♦ number of cameras per row (3-7) shown on the overview page can be changed in config


WatchDog Console (Full Version) 3.1.3 — (Mar. 25, 2010)

  • ♦ added support for new alarm repeat/delay features in WeatherGoose Series-II firmware v3.4.0
  • ♦ refresh time on Graph page increased to 90 seconds
  • ♦ fixed a bug that could cause Console to crash on the Graph page
  • ♦ fixed an issue with certificate handling with HTTPS
  • ♦ fixed a bug that prevented pushing alarms to password-protected Goose Series II units
  • ♦  underscore character (_) is now allowed in unit host names


WatchDog Console (Full Version) 3.1.2 — (Jan. 04, 2010)

  • ♦ fixed a bug that caused the database file to exceed the maximum allowable size
  • ♦ console will now install properly on 64-bit systems


WatchDog Console (Full Version) 3.1.1 — (Oct. 8, 2009)

  • ♦ Fixed eventlogs that caused console to slow down


WatchDog Console (Full Version) 3.1 — (Aug. 14, 2009)

  • ♦ Initial Release of WatchDog Console 3.1