How remote monitors can help your facility

Whether their domain is a data center or a professional kitchen, facility managers may have a whole host of concerns to deal with - and remote monitors can make their job far easier. After all, concerns like equipment upgrades, compliance, personnel, revenue and building management are universal. Of course, during any given day, likely a building owner or an operations team is only able to handle so much.

Organizations who find that they have more problems than people to deal with them should turn to remote monitors to help them keep tabs on all of the variables present in just about any industry. By utilizing remote monitoring, systems managers can make sure that ideal conditions are met in computer rooms, refrigeration units and even science research labs. In addition, the monitoring equipment offered by ITWatchDogs will send out email alerts and text messages in the event that conditions change dramatically for any reasons.

What variables can remote monitors keep track of? When your business or organization utilizes the remote monitoring equipment and alert systems offered by ITWatchDogs, you will know that you have in place the best solutions for keeping track of a number of critical environmental variables, including:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Power usage
  • Air flow
  • Water leakage
  • Light
  • Sound

Any good operations manager knows that even a slight change in temperature or humidity levels in a room can damage equipment over time and even risk noncompliance. However, by utilizing the remote monitors offered by ITWatchDogs, business leaders and operations teams will be able to sleep easier at night knowing that they can devote their precious time and resources to other endeavors. Not only is the climate monitoring equipment accurate and reliable, but it is cost effective to purchase as well. Another major benefit of the ITWatchDogs environmental monitoring systems is its alerts system. This ensures that teams can have real-time information about any of their facilities and their internal conditions even if they are located miles away.

Watchdog 100
Price: $299.00 Climate monitor with on-board temp/humidity