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Webcams are a useful tool for helping protect your equipment. It's a good way to remotely check on your server room. Observe status lights or see if someone is messing with your gear. Our climate monitors can be configured to display video from up to 4 IP cameras. The WxGoos Series II supports IP-based webcams including but not limited to the following models:
  • D-Link DCS-900, 910, 950/950G, 2000, 3110, 3220/3220G,  3410, 3420,  5300/5300G,  6620
  • Axis IP Cameras
  • Linksys IP Cameras
  • Panasonic IP Cameras
IP WebCams
An IP webcam is a standalone unit with its own IP address on your network. They can be accessed separately from the climate monitor through a web browser. They generally come with client software for recording camera images to a PC on your network. Some cameras can be configured to record based on motion, which can save a lot of harddrive space.
The IP webcam connects to your network and has its own IP address.
The climate monitors displays images from the webcam on the Sensors page.

On the Configuration page just enter the IP address of a supported camera and select the camera type. Up to 4 cameras can be entered. Video and images from the webcams appear on the Sensors page. Still images are refreshed along with the sensor data.