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Remote Temperature Sensor - Monitor remote environmental conditions
(temperature, air flow, humidity) with the combo sensor
Digital sensors communicate with the climate monitor through a digital serial bus. On units supporting digital sensors, up to 16 can be attached by using splitters. Sensor type is auto detected by the monitor. This is used to identify the sensors on the web interface. Each digital sensor has a friendly name, settable by the user. Sensors come in several different lengths. The total cable length of all digital sensors combined should not exceed 600'.
Digital Sensor Ports
Units that support digital sensors have one or more digital sensors ports. These ports have RJ-12 connectors with 6 pins. A port splitter can be used to expand the number of ports to support up to 16 sensors. We sell a 5 port splitter and a rack mount 16 port splitter. Multiple 5 port splitters can be used.
Chaining 5-port splitters to expand the number of digital sensor ports
Depending on the environment, the total length of all digital sensors can be up to 600'. For best result, avoid running cable near high voltage or high circuit equipment. If extending sensor cables, make sure the connections remain straight-through, no cross-overs. Snap-on ferrite chokes can be used to shield against external interference.
CCAT Serial Interface
A digital sensor that is used to convert an analog sensor to digital. These are used when either an unit doesn’t have enough analog inputs or doesn’t support them. One end has a RJ-12 connector that plugs into a digital sensor port. The other end has terminals for connecting one analog sensor. CCAT’s are programmed to match the analog sensor attached.