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Water Sensor - Place these in your server room to
check for water leaks that could damage your equipment
Analog sensors are supported on many of our climate monitor units. They have connections for three or more sensors. Analog inputs show up on the web interface as "I/O" sensors. The default name for each input can be changed to reflect what is attached. Analog sensors generally come in two types: analog voltage and dry contact.
Analog Voltage
The analog inputs accept a 0 to 5VDC signal. The web interface displays a value from 0 at 0VDC and about 99 at 5VDC. The voltage source needs to supply a negative-ground signal and connect to a “C” terminal. A positive signal voltage should connect to a numbered terminal. The inputs could be damaged if the polarity is reversed. Examples of sensors that work this way would include the Current Transformer and -48VDC Sensor.
Dry Contact
Dry contact sensors can also be connected. If the contacts are open you will get a value on the web interface around 99. When closed the measurement should be near 0. If nothing is connected you should get a continuous value of 99. Examples are the Door Contact sensor and Smoke Alarm.
Normally Closed (NC) Wiring - One Sensor / One Port, Multiple Sensors / One Port (series)
Wiring in Serial / Parallel

Normally Closed (NC) contact sensors can be wired in series. If one opens, then alarm trips. The value on the interface will change from 0 to 99. A high trip alarm would catch this transition.

Normally Open (NO) contact sensors can be wired in parallel. When one closes the input will go from 99 to 0. Set a low-trip threshold to alarm in this case.

Normally Open (NO) Wiring - One Sensor / One Port, Multiple Sensors / One Port (parallel)
Digital CCAT Interface
The CCAT Interface is used in situations where there aren’t enough analog inputs or the particular model of climate monitor doesn’t support them. One end connects to a digital sensor port. The other end has a terminal for connecting one analog sensor. CCAT's are programmed for the type of analog sensor attached so it can be detected by the monitor.