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Volume 4 | Issue 3 | July 2012


Introducing the New WatchDog 15 Environment Monitor

Latest Firmware Enhancements on the WatchDog Series

ITWatchDogs Introduces More Options to Monitor Temperature & Humidity

MicroGoose End of Life Announcement

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Logo Introducing the New WatchDog 15 Environment Monitor

We are thrilled to announce our upcoming product offering of the WatchDog 15. Available mid-August, this innovative self-contained environment monitor presents the best value in the industry for monitoring temperature and humidity in mission critical applications. It has an input capacity of four external sensors and optional built-in Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) for monitoring a variety of environmental parameters including power failure, door position, smoke and more.

As with all other ITWatchDogs environmental monitors, the WatchDog 15 allows users to keep an eye on remote conditions from a secure web interface and receive Email and SNMP alert notifications upon breach of user-adjustable thresholds.

The web interface provides full control of the product as well as an overview of environmental measurements with real time sensor data. All measurements are logged allowing users to collect data for trending and capacity management. The WatchDog 15 offers flexible access rights and security settings with up to three account levels. It offers secure access through the web and supports HTTP(S) protocols. Up to 50 customizable alarms can be configured with per sensor alarm escalations.

The WatchDog 15 is a compact solution weighing less than half a pound and sized to fit in a 1U space at 4"L x 1.5"H x 1.5'W, which is perfect for tight installments. With an operating range of -20° to 85° Celsius (-4° to 185° F), the WatchDog 15 can be used to monitor temperature, humidity and other environmental parameters in a variety of applications including IT, telecom, healthcare, food supply and others.

Priced at just $189, the WatchDog 15 is the most cost-effective and reliable solution in the market for monitoring environmental conditions in critical facilities.

The WatchDog 15 carries the CE Mark and complies with EN 55022 Class A, FCC Part 15 Class B, and EN 55024 requirements.

Pre-ordering for the WatchDog 15 will be made available soon. Units that are pre-ordered will ship mid-August.

Compare the WatchDog 15 with other ITWatchDogs Environmental Monitors.


Logo Latest Firmware Enhancements to WatchDog Series

We are consistently working to improve the feature set offered by our WatchDog Series of environmental monitors including the WatchDog 15 and WatchDog 100.

Our next firmware release for WatchDog Series, version 1.3.4, will include:

Support for the Remote Power Manager X2
Support for Temperature/Humidity/Dew Point (THD & T3HD) sensors
Alarm delay - a 1 to 240 minute delay per alarm can be set to get an alert only when the threshold has been exceeded continuously for the set number of minutes
Alarm repeat - alarms can be set to repeat every 1 to 240 minutes until the measurement is back to normal.


Logo ITWatchDogs Introduces More Options to Monitor Temperature & Humidity

We are pleased to announce the release of two additional options to monitor temperature and humidity in your critical environments. The new Temperature/Humidity/Dew Point Sensor comes in two configurations, the THD and T3HD, providing real-time measurements to the host device for data logging and alarming. The THD provides immediate temperature and humidity data, whereas the T3HD Kit comes equipped with two digital sensor ports for adding the 3FT and 6FT temperature sensors (included), ideal for monitoring temperature in top, middle and bottom of a server rack. Both the THD and T3HD also come equipped with a digital output for daisy-chaining or adding an additional sensor. A 6P6C modular patch cable connects the sensor to the host device (included). The compact device may be mounted nearly anywhere using screws or adhesive.

The THD retails for $85 and T3HD at $149. To learn more visit the product pages for THD & T3HD.


Logo MicroGoose End of Life Announcement

At ITWatchDogs, we are committed to manufacturing the highest quality environmental monitors that offer the best value to our customers. With the release of the WatchDog 15, we are retiring the MicroGoose Temperature & Humidity monitor. The new WatchDog 15 is an improved temperature & humidity monitor offering greater flexibility at a lower price. Effective immediately, we will no longer manufacture the MicroGoose, however they will remain available for sale while supplies last and will continue to be supported for a minimum of three years.

For further information, you may direct questions to sales@itwatchdogs.com.


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