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Volume 4 | Issue 1 | January 2012


A Reflection on 2011

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ITWatchDogs Continues to Grow Beyond the Data Center

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Logo A Reflection on 2011

ITWatchDogs had quite a year in 2011. From our release of the WatchDog 100 and RPM X2 to our partnerships with HM Cragg to our constant desire to improve our products and feature set, we continued to make a big splash in the environmental monitoring market.

Early in the year, we hit the ground running with the release of the Remote Power Manager X2 (RPM X2), adding outlet-level remote power monitoring and switching capabilities to any Series II Environmental Monitor. The add-on accessory allows for real time logging and graphing of voltage, amperage, real power, apparent power, power factor and kilowatt-hour to provide trend analysis and power metrics for future planning.

Our commitment to innovation and understanding our customers' wants and needs led us to unveil the WatchDog 100 just a few months later. The WatchDog 100 is a self-contained environmental monitor equipped with on-board temperature and humidity sensors with an input capacity of eight external sensors (4 digital and 4 analog) and a relay output for triggering external devices like an auto-dialer.

Other highlights of 2011 included the release of the I/O Expander, which was designed to increase your monitor's sensor and relay output capacity by adding 32 additional dry contact / 0-5VDC analog inputs, eight extra digital sensor ports and three NO/NC relay outputs. To approach a greater user base, we partnered up with a number of strategic distributors and resellers throughout the year including HM Cragg, InterWorld, Altaware and others.

Your continuous support allowed us to grow by more than 22% in sales from 2010 and experience constant growth over the last 10 years.

As our way of showing our appreciation, we will be focused on drastically improving our product line offerings and overall feature set throughout 2012. Some of our upcoming advancements include compatibility with IPv6 on the WatchDog series of products, an improved interface with enhanced graphing and logging abilities, wireless sensor infrastructure to go with our environmental monitors and much more.


Logo Participate to Win a WatchDog 100!

As a special New Year's promotion, we are giving away our WatchDog 100 to one lucky customer as a way to show our appreciation for your continuous support. In order to enter our drawing for a free WatchDog 100, all you have to do is post a comment on our Spiceworks Community Vendor Page about an experience you've had with any stressful environmental conditions in your critical facilities e.g. overheating, water leakage, power failure, intrusion, etc. Spiceworks will select a winner randomly on January 31st.

Stories on the site currently range from a Kansas resident being informed by her CEO that the AC unit stopped working in the server room to a person who encountered a problem when his maintenance guy was setting up a new Exchange server in the server room and turned off the AC while he was working because it was too cold. That, of course, resulted in network problems. Be sure to check out other entertaining stories that were recently submitted.


Logo ITWatchDogs Continues to Grow Beyond the Data Center

ITWatchDogs continues to realize tremendous growth outside the data center market for applications ranging from cold-storage monitoring within healthcare and food supply chain segments to traffic control box and telecom enclosure monitoring. One such example is of Magno-Humphries Labs, an Oregon-based pharmaceutical manufacturer.

Magno adheres to US FDA manufacturing regulations as the minimum standard for manufacturing and quality control criteria. Being able to prove that its manufacturing plants, warehouses and storage facilities are temperature and humidity controlled was of great importance.

After determining that its previous method of monitoring environmental factors wasn't efficient, Magno knew it needed a new system.

"We had to collect all of the separate units and download them into a computer to get all the information, and we had to do that on a monthly basis," Matthew J. Terjeson, quality assurance manager for Magno, told ITWatchDogs of the old temperature monitoring system. "Consequently, everyone got busy and that was not being done."

In addition, the system did not allow easy access to data and having to aggregate results at end of each month made it difficult to tell if Magno was actually staying within the mandated thresholds.

"We were looking for a system that didn't have to have a lot of bells and whistles - something very cost effective, but would include a way to gather information," Terjeson said. "We wanted it to report to us and notify us if there was some kind of excursion outside of the parameters we had set so we could be on top of if there is a problem, or be notified so that we could fix that problem."

One of the problems that can arise if temperature fluctuates in warehouses and storage centers is that supplements containing temperature/humidity sensitive ingredients can get warped.

As Magno began searching for a new type of environmental monitoring system, it quickly cast its eyes toward ITWatchDogs. According to Terjeson, while Magno was not necessarily seeking out a particular company for its new monitoring system, it quickly determined that ITWatchDogs had the system it needed.

"For us it was everything we wanted at a very reasonable price," Terjeson said.

Magno has installed ITWatchDogs' units in its warehouses, storage facilities for raw materials, and areas for finished product areas. The team has set up the units to send email notifications if facilities get out of temperature and humidity parameters that have been set. Moreover, the units compile data to show whether Magno is within its specifications and reveal any trending patterns. Best of all, it's accessible over IP.

"It's a breeze," Terjeson said of the ITWatchDogs' installation process. "I just configured one unit and then downloaded the same configuration to subsequent units."

"We have a lot of other things to worry about and this takes the worry off of us for these particular things," he added. "It was an affordable price and it does everything we want it to do. We don't have to buy a whole lot of extra things. You can set it up to fit your needs, you can install it easily, and you download the data. It was exactly what we were looking for."


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