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ITWatchDogs Releases WatchDog 100
A San Antonio McDonald's Relies on ITWatchDogs Environmental Monitoring Products
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Logo ITWatchDogs Releases WatchDog 100

We are pleased to announce the release of our latest edition to our pack of environmental monitors – the WatchDog 100. The WatchDog 100 is a self-contained unit equipped with on-board temperature and humidity/dew point sensors with an input capacity of eight external sensors (4 digital and 4 analog) and an output of one NO/NC relay contact for triggering external devices like an auto-dialer. The unit comes equipped with optional built-in Power over Ethernet (see WatchDog 100-P).

Like with all other ITWatchDogs environmental monitors, the WatchDog 100 allows users to keep an eye on remote conditions from a secure web interface and receive SNMP, E-mail, text message and voice call* alert notifications when user-adjustable thresholds are exceeded.

The web interface provides an overview of environmental measurements with real time sensor data. All measurements are logged allowing users to collect data for trending and capacity management. The WatchDog 100 offers flexible access rights and security settings with up to three access account levels. It offers secure access through the web and supports HTTP and HTTPS protocols. Up to 50 customizable alarms can be configured with alarm escalations per sensor.

The WatchDog 100 features four 0—5VDC / dry-contact analog inputs and one digital sensor port. Up to four additional digital sensors can be added using a standard splitter. A variety of optional plug-and-play sensors are available for use with the WatchDog 100 including but not limited to, temperature, humidity, airflow, water and smoke detection sensors, door position, power failure and more. One of the unique features of the WatchDog 100 is its relay contact port used to energize or de-energize an external device.

At just 1U high and approximately 1/2U wide, the WatchDog 100 is a compact solution perfect for tight installments. The WatchDog 100 is shipped with rack-mount brackets offering flexible wire management options.

Priced at just $279, the WatchDog 100 is the most cost-effective and reliable solution for monitoring environmental conditions in critical facilities including computer server rooms, network and telecom closets, traffic control boxes, laboratories and other areas requiring climate and power monitoring.

The WatchDog 100 carries the CE Mark for Low Voltage and Emissions Directives and FCC Part 15 Class A regulation.

Compare the WatchDog 100 with other ITWatchDogs Environmental Monitors

*Auto-dialer required


Logo A San Antonio McDonald's Relies on ITWatchDogs Environmental Monitoring Products

For over a decade, ITWatchDogs has been the leading provider of environmental monitors for data centers and SMBs housing their own server rooms. Over the past years, the ease of use and high reliability of our products have attracted a number of additional markets requiring climate control. ITWatchDogs monitors are increasingly being used to protect cold storage, healthcare environments, laboratories and other critical facilities.

A McDonald’s restaurant recently benefited from installing a MiniGoose II to monitor cooler and freezer temperatures. Lita Salazar, owner of the McDonald’s located in San Antonio, Texas, could have had a cost-prohibitive and damaging situation on her hands a few weeks ago when a fan in her freezer failed and one of the condensers iced over.

Fortunately for her, she had her trusty MiniGoose II alert her just in time.

“Without the MiniGoose II, we would not have known of the technical issue until it had been too late. Our products would have defrosted overnight,” Salazar told ITWatchDogs in a recent interview. “The MiniGoose saved me anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 in products.”

Salazar is monitoring her walk-in refrigerator, which also contains a walk-in freezer with two separate temperature sensors connected to the MiniGoose II device. She keeps an eye on her temperature logs over the web interface to ensure food quality and safety for her patrons. She has set multiple alarm thresholds so that she and her staff can be alerted as the temperature rises from a certain starting point.

“You set the parameters yourself based on how your business works,” Salazar says, noting that she set her system to send e-mails to her iPhone any time temperature went 10 degrees above zero. Users may also configure how often they want to receive notifications once the temperature spikes until the problem is remedied.

“I see the value in it,” Salazar said of the MiniGoose II. “It has paid for itself many times from just this one alert notification.”

The MiniGoose II is now also being used at Popeye’s restaurants in the Austin area.

Companies can benefit from the environmental monitoring products from ITWatchDogs in a variety of ways and all companies that have to refrigerate products will find the inexpensive products useful, according to Salazar.

“It really is a great tool,” Salazar said. “I would recommend it to anyone, especially if they keep a lot of product and if they are very busy. There are so many things to watch in a restaurant nowadays constantly, especially when it comes to food safety. You are always on the watch: you are monitoring food temperature and you are monitoring the food as you are cooking it.”

“I have fast food restaurants, but I think it will work in any type of restaurant,” she added. “It will work anywhere in any type of business where you have to refrigerate and if you have to use a freezer.”


Logo ITWatchDogs Saves the Day

ITWatchDogs environmental monitors saved the Memorial Day weekend a few weeks ago for itself and a number of companies sharing the same office building.

Over Memorial Day weekend, ITWatchDogs personnel received an alert at about 10 p.m. notifying that the server room temperature climbed from 75 degrees to 85 degrees to over 100 degrees. ITWatchDogs was not the only company affected by the temperature hike, as our office is in the same building that houses other high-tech companies in addition to an attorney’s office and a major financial service company.

It turned out that the Building Management System had a software glitch and shut down the A/C, which caused temperature to rise over 100 degrees. Once ITWatchDogs notified the property manager, the building’s crew quickly addressed the glitch and restored A/C to the building.

Without the alert from ITWatchDogs’ MicroGoose unit, temperature would have continued to rise through the long weekend, which would have been ugly for many. ITWatchDogs was the only company to notify property management. Had ITWatchDogs not been guarding its server room, and in essence the whole building, many companies would have felt the heat come Tuesday.

So what’s the moral of the story? Be sure to monitor your critical facilities. A minor investment in environmental monitoring can go a long way when it’s needed most.


Logo Latest Firmware Developments

ITWatchDogs’ latest firmware release (v3.8.0) now allows customers to customize alarm delay to any value between 0 and 240 minutes. Alarm delay is how long the device will wait in the tripped state before issuing the alert notification specified per alarm. This is especially useful when monitoring cold storage facilities to offset a temporary spike in temperature due to opening the door or for a schedule defrost cycle.

Additionally, the new firmware includes translations for German, French and Chinese languages.

Latest firmware updates for all ITWatchDogs environment monitors are available for download here.

ITWatchDogs values the on-going relationship with our customers. We place great emphasis on designing the highest quality environmental monitors and diligently tracking the performance record of our offerings. Customer feedback is extremely important. Please e-mail your comments and recommendations to suggestions@itwatchdogs.com. We will try our hardest to best suit your every want or need.


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