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Volume 3 | Issue 1 | January 2011

Remote Power Manager X2 to Provide Outlet Level Power Monitoring & Control
Add an additional level of alert notification with the RelayGoose II & Auto-Dialer Bundle
Latest Feature Enhancements
Price Increase Notice *Effective March 2011*
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Logo Remote Power Manager X2 to Provide Outlet Level Power Monitoring & Control
Available in March 2010, The Remote Power Manger X2 (RPM X2) will add remote power monitoring and switching capabilities to any ITWatchDogs environment monitors supporting a digital sensor port. The add-on accessory presents real time logging and graphing of voltage, amperage, real power, apparent power, power factor and kilowatt-hour to provide trend analysis and power metrics for future planning. The device enables users to set alarm thresholds for above mentioned measurements and remotely reboot locked systems or control system power via the secure user interface from anywhere in the world.

The RPM X2 is the perfect solution for a simple and economical means of determining how much power a specific device or power strip is consuming to help keep an eye on overall energy usage and prevent overloading of power circuit breakers. Alert notifications via SNMP traps, E-mail, SMS and voice call (auto-dialer required) can be set for when current starts to reach capacity.

With the RPM X2, facility managers are further given the ability to measure energy usage per individual client by setting friendly names per outlet. To achieve accurate results, amount of electricity used is measured and logged without the burden of continuous polling. Kilowatt-hour usage can easily be obtained per specified time frame.

Features include ‘plug and play’ capability providing quick and easy installation, an LCD display for local current monitoring, a resettable kilowatt-hour meter and the ability to set alarm thresholds via the environment monitor. The unit comes equipped with an extra digital sensor port. When the RPM X2 is plugged into another environmental monitor, it retains outlet friendly names, kilowatt-hour hours and each outlet’s on/off state.

The RPM X2 will be available in a number of variations meeting specific voltage, receptacle and plug type needs priced at only $239.

Part # RPM15-515R RPM15-C13 RPM20-515R RPM20-C13 RPM20-C19
Price $239 $239 $239 $239 $239
Amps 15 15 20 20 20
Volts 120 120 or 208 120 120 or 208 120 or 208
Receptacle Type / QTY 5-15R / 2 C-13 / 2 5-15R / 2 C-13 / 2 C-19 / 2
Digital Input 1 1 1 1 1
Power Switching YES YES YES YES YES
10' Power Cord 1 1 1 1 1
IEC or NEMA Inlet 5-15P C-14 5-20P C-20 C-20
Twist-Lock Plug Optional N/A Optional N/A N/A
Mounting Brackets YES YES YES YES YES

The RPM X2 has been UL and c-UL Listed per UL 60950 safety specifications and global configurations carry the CE Mark for Low Voltage and Emissions Directives and FCC Part 15 Class A regulation. Standard off-the-shelf, modified and custom systems are available to meet client specifications.

The RPM X2 is NOT a standalone device. It is supported by the MiniGoose II, MiniGoose XP II, WeatherGoose II, SuperGoose II, RelayGoose II and upcoming environmental monitors.


Logo Add an additional level of alert notification with the RelayGoose II & Auto-Dialer Bundle
Add an additional level of alert notification to the RelayGoose II and other units supporting output relay ports by adding the new relay controlled GSM or PTSN auto-dialers to your configuration. The new auto-dialers call up to nine telephones, pagers, or cell phones to alert you when a sensor exceeds an alarm threshold. When activated, the dialer instantly starts calling the phone numbers in sequence, delivering one of two pre-recorded messages to each person who answers, until the message is acknowledged. The dialers contain two triggers, and each trigger can have its own pre-recorded message.

The auto-dialer units are especially ideal for notifications in the unusual event of a network failure and also for alert notifications from remote locations where a network connection is not available for SNMP or E-mail alerts. Battery back-up ensures that the auto-dialer can still deliver alerts even if its power source is lost. Both dialers interface with the environmental monitors via output relay connections. The PTSN dialer connects to a standard telephone line, and GSM unit requires a subscription based or prepaid SIM card.

The PTSN and GSM auto-dialers are easy to use and require no special tools or software for immediate operation. Responsive customer service and technical support are available to assist with product selection and user questions. Contact us at sales@itwatchdogs.com or at 512-257-1462.


Logo Latest Feature Enhancements
At ITWatchDogs we are determined to continually improve our product and feature set by listening to our customers and keeping up with the latest trends. Listed below are some of the major firmware improvements implemented in 2010:

Dew point readings added to interface for all temperature/humidity sensors
  • Dew point is the temperature at which water vapor leaves the air and condenses on objects as liquid water. Alarm thresholds can be configured to get alert notifications when dew point reaches a specified level, in an effort to keep water vapor from appearing on internal components.
XML configuration cloning
  • Configure multiple units with similar Goose-sensor combinations with great ease. Simply set up a single unit configuring the alarms, alerts, actions, display options, email and SNMP configurations and click the "Download Current XML File" button. Users may use this XML file as a backup of the configuration and as a template that can be used to clone the same configuration to another host. It takes just minutes to configure each additional unit after the initial setup. Download instructions (PDF)
Improved logging system
  • Turn data logging and graphing on or off for certain sensor measurements. This allows you to keep important sensor data available for a longer time period.
  • Event log is available to see when a certain alarm was tripped.
Specify alert notifications during business hours vs. non-business hours

Alarm repeat & delay
  • Set a one, five, or ten minute delay per alarm to get an alert only when a specified threshold has exceeded continuously for the set number of minutes. Repeat alarms every 10, 30 or 60 minutes until all measurements are back to normal.
Additional language support Contextual help system
  • Not sure about a certain feature? Hover over the '[?]' to learn more about a certain aspect of the web interface.
SMS formatted emails
  • Receive an e-mail that is shortened to SMS size restraints so that you receive only one text message per alarm as opposed to multiple messages.
Command Line Protocol (CLP)
  • Script operations to obtain data or configure parameters over telnet without need for user interaction over the web page.
Coming soon
  • Individual sensor data to be updated more frequently, every five seconds, while requiring less network traffic
  • Improved interface on pages with enhanced views for setting configurations and notifications
Latest firmware updates for all ITWatchDogs environment monitors are available for download at http://www.itwatchdogs.com/software-firmware-download.aspx.

ITWatchDogs values the on-going relationship with our customers. We place great emphasis on designing the highest quality environmental monitors and diligently tracking the performance record of our offerings. Customer feedback is extremely important and we listen very carefully to requests and recommendations on how to further enhance our products. Please e-mail your comments and recommendations to suggestions@itwatchdogs.com. We will try our hardest to best suit your every want or need.


Logo Price Increase Notice *Effective March 2011*
The gradual improvement in the world economy has produced upward price pressure on many of the components used to manufacture our environmental monitor circuit boards. We have avoided raising our prices following cost pressure from these increases for as long as possible, but we can no longer prolong the inevitable. Therefore, effective March 2011, we must implement our first price increase in over seven years for some of our environmental monitors listed below.

In an effort to minimize the impact of the price increases, orders placed on or before Monday, February 28, will be filled at current prices. We remain committed to continuously improve our manufacturing process and feature enhancements in order to meet our mission of providing the highest quality environmental monitors in the market at the lowest prices.

You will be pleased to know that even with the planned increase in pricing, ITWatchDogs’ environmental monitors provide the greatest value when compared with our competition. Our rich product feature set, plus free lifetime technical support and firmware upgrades, are unmatched in the industry. Give us a call, and we’ll prove it!

We hope that you understand the reasons for our decision, and that we will be able to continue to serve you in the future. Your understanding and continuous support is well appreciated.

The following products will be affected by the price increase:

Environment Monitor Current Price New Price
MiniGoose II $199 $219
MiniGoose XP II $299 $329
WeatherGoose II $399 $439
SuperGoose II $499 $539
RelayGoose II $599 $649
RelayGoose II-P $639 $689


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