April 2010

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Volume 2 | Issue 1 | April 2010

Importance of SNMPv3 Compliance
Now with Output Relay Control: RelayGoose II
ITWatchDogs Set to Launch New Website Design
ITWatchDogs YouTube Channel is Live!

Logo Importance of SNMPv3 Compliance
For any well-experienced IT professional, making sure the network is fully secure is of great importance and a top of mind concern. Taking security measures that prevent unauthorized device access and exposure of critical information on the network is essential. Most IT professionals are taking these measures by incorporating protection mechanisms like those offered in Simple Network Management Protocol Version 3 (SNMPv3).

Released in August 2009, ITWatchDogs second generation climate and power monitors completely support SNMPv3 along with v1 and v2c. The SNMPv3 agent enables users to securely monitor and control sensors and settings on any ITWatchDogs unit from a remote location. All alerts and log messages sent from an ITW device are fully encrypted, providing the highest data integrity, authentication and message timeliness.

At ITWatchDogs we are determined to continually improve our products by implementing the latest and greatest technology for our users. We have employed SNMPv3 on our units in order to provide more features and more efficient operation to users. More importantly, SNMPv3 fixes the most evident failings of versions 1 and 2, which is lack of security. Still most of our major competitors currently lack compliance with SNMPv3.

To learn more about SNMPv3, download a full presentation here: PPT or PDF
  • Security threats of SNMPv1/v2c
  • SNMPv3 Solutions


Logo Now with Output Relay Control: RelayGoose II

Our latest environment monitor, the RelayGoose-II, introduces an entirely new set of capabilities to our WeatherGoose monitoring systems by combining climate monitoring with remote relay control. Now, not only can you receive e-mail alerts and SNMP traps, but you can actually trigger an external device automatically in response to an alarm.

For example, you can trigger an auto-dialer to call the appropriate facilities personnel over the phone and play a prerecorded message, ensuring they receive the alarm notification even if a failure in the facility’s internal network or internet connection prevents the Goose from sending e-mails or SNMP traps. Likewise, you may connect a flashing or rotating strobe light to make it easy for a technician to quickly determine which rack(s) need assistance. You may even control a larger relay or contactor which, in turn, energizes or de-energizes a piece of equipment such as a secondary cooling fan or backup a/c unit. The possibilities are endless.

The RelayGoose II comes with a built-in temperature sensor, LCD display, buzzer, 6 analog inputs and 3 dry-contact relay outputs. It supports up to 16 remote digital sensors (note: total cable length for all digital sensors should not exceed 600ft). Live video feeds, data logs, and graphs are accessible through a secure web interface.

See diagram for visual demonstration of RelayGoose II:


Logo ITWatchDogs Set to Launch New Website Design

At ITWatchDogs, we are continually striving to improve customer experience. Our new website design will reflect this greatly and is set to launch by late April 2010. With our new features in place, you will easily be able to find the products that are right for your server room or data center, and you will be able to checkout with ease. Here's a quick look at some of the changes:
  • A neat product category layout to improve the ease with which you find products
  • Faster site-load time thanks to our new powerful database
  • A new "My Account" system which allows customers to keep updated with the status of pending orders and ability to view order history and keep contact details up to date
  • A search functionality which yields accurate and speedy results
  • An even speedier and more secure checkout process
  • Video demonstrations of our products
In the coming months you will notice additional features such as a user forum and an official ITWatchdogs Blog where you can learn more about managing and monitoring your server room with ITWatchDogs environment monitors.

Should you encounter any bugs please let us know by either calling 512-257-1462 EXT 546 or email us at marketing@itwatchdogs.com. We appreciate any feedback!


Logo Check out ITWatchDog's YouTube channel!
Subscribe to our YouTube channel at youtube.com/itwatchdogs. Find answers to questions like how to initially configure ITW devices, reset device to factory defaults, install digital and analog sensors and much more. We will be adding videos regularly for you to learn more about our products and answer your questions. If you want us to discuss a certain topic, simply send us an email at marketing@itwatchdogs.com.

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Software Updates
3.4.0 WxGoos Series II Firmware></a>
                                                            <td colspan=
mod: Improved logging system
add: Selective logging controls
add: Alarm notifications support delay and repeat
add: Email scheduling - enable/disable emails based on business hours
mod: Improved logging system

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Encrypted Email (SSL/TLS)
Secure web-based interface

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