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Release of RelayGoose II (November 2009)
Combines environment monitoring and output relay control More Info
Release of PowerEgg Zero (June 2007)
In-line power meter updates existing power strips. Know amps, volts, watts, power factor. Avoid tripping breakers at midnight. More Info
New Analog Sensor - WaterSnake Cable (January 2007)
Surround your server room with this cable and detect water. More Info
MiniGoose 2 Released (January 2007)
Popular MiniGoose now available with internal 16 port splitter and three I/O ports typically used for door position sensing. More Info
New Product - 16 Port Splitter for MiniGoose (January 2007)
Add 16 ports for remote sensors on a MiniGoose 1. Rack Mounted. More Info
Free Excel™ Logger Released (May 2006)
IP-based, simple, make spreadsheets fast. More Info
Free Paperback Book Available for Download (April 2006)
"Server Room Monitoring Techniques" 155 pgs, Send email request for print copy, or download. More Info
Console v2.1 is Online (February 2006)
Video consolidation, color coded status, easy firmware uploads, HIPAA logs, graph, NT service. Monitors 100 WxGooses. Easy install. More Info