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Environmental Monitor Product Comparison
Product Comparison
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  • Environmental Protection for Large Data Centers

    The dynamic nature of today's virtualized data centers presents new environmental monitoring challenges. Learn more about the radical change in the way companies must monitor their data centers and potential solutions to handle the combination of today's powerful servers with the wide-scale adoption of virtualization.

  • How to Protect Your Data Center from Environmental Threats

    Viruses, spyware, and network threats get most of the attention, but environmental factors like heat, humidity, airflow, smoke, and electricity can be equally devastating to server room equipment, and thus to a company's IT operations. Identify monitoring techniques to keep you aware and ahead of costly environmental threats.

  • Increasing Uptime with Improved Environmental Monitoring

    Workers and customers, empowered by smartphones and widely available Wi-Fi services, want and are demanding 24x7 access to email, company network resources, and Web sites. Learn more about the causes and remedies for downtime.

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Automated Smart Updater - Utility that allows you to update firmware on multiple units at once

Nagios/Icinga plugin, written in PHP, to check status of WeatherGoose II using SNMP (Courtesy of Onlight)

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