Top reasons why you need an IT temperature monitor

Everything that could potentially cause issues at the facility they oversee, this is not the case if at least one IT temperature monitor is not on site at the location.

Computer room managers have a wide variety of concerns to deal with, including making sure that machines have a constant source of electricity, servers do not break down unexpectedly and that all costs are effectively managed. In what may be surprising news to many, most of the major issues data center operators must keep in mind can in part be mitigated through the use of an IT temperature monitor.

  • Server downtime: The biggest fear of any data center operator is critical equipment going down at any time. It is not enough for computer infrastructure to be up and running only during traditional business hours, as the demands of today's constantly connected environments means that organizations need to be able to access data, hardware and software from any location at any point during the day. In order to make this demand a business reality, equipment must be functional at all times. However, if the computer room becomes too hot, nodes will break and critical infrastructure will become unusable.
  • Energy usage: Since data centers need to run at all times, the amount of electricity needed to keep the average facility open can be staggering and represents a significant portion of the costs borne by facilities. One big reason why data centers needed so much energy was because they used to play it safe and keep server rooms at 55 degrees Fahrenheit - a full 10 degrees cooler than is necessary. However, whenever the temperature is raised at a facility, operators run the risk of making the location too hot. By using a remote monitor, data center managers can keep a closer eye on the facility to help make sure the air conditioning unit is not running needlessly.

No matter the reason, tech professionals should turn to ITWatchDogs to provide them with an IT temperature monitor that will instantly make computer room operations more efficient.

Watchdog 100
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