Why a humidity sensor is right for you

Of all the environmental monitoring equipment available, a humidity sensor may not seem like the most important of an instrument. For facilities managers concerned with keeping operations running at all costs, external environmental issues such as electricity usage and temperature frequently rank among the major potential sources of problem.

However, if left unaccounted for, humidity levels that are either too low or too high can wreck havoc by destroying vital equipment and rendering supplies and research useless. The very best operations managers in just about every industry know that even something as simple as moisture can be damaging, which is why a humidity sensor is one of their best allies.

How a humidity sensor can benefit operators in any industry No facility, regardless of who owns it or how it is used, is immune to the unique dangers posed by unchecked moisture and humidity levels.

Data Center Infrastructure Management: This is perhaps the industry most aware of why humidity is a vital environmental factor to manage. If levels are too high in a server room, then excess moisture will begin to collect on vital wiring and other equipment. This can cause machines to corrode and servers to short circuit. On the flip side, if levels are too low then excess static electricity can build up in the data center.

Food Service: In an industry that depends on having fresh produce supplies on hand at all times, moisture levels must be monitored with a humidity sensor. Too much moisture and food supplies could rot more quickly, while not enough moisture in the air can dry out produce and make it inedible.

University and Medical Research: Scientists, in order to make sure their tests and experiments are as accurate as possible, all environmental factors - including humidity - must be accounted for. Nothing is more devastating to a researcher that spends countless hours on a critical project only to have the results be rendered moot by moisture damage.

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