Importance of using humidity monitoring equipment

Although temperature monitoring is often the top external environmental concern for maintaining ideal operating conditions in many industries, humidity monitoring is in fact just as important for making sure that everything from data centers to healthcare facilities and research labs run as efficiently as possible.

Business executives and managers can think about this paradigm as being like a hot summer day. Many people in July and August may complain about how high temperatures are making them feel uncomfortable, even though humidity is just as likely a culprit for their condition. Humidity monitoring can be thought about in the same way - even though it may not be the top concern for many, the effects of excess humidity are easily felt and can have a damaging effect on critical infrastructure and supplies.

How incorrect humidity levels can be damaging in many industries

Just about any company would be wise to include humidity monitoring in their environmental monitoring strategy, as excess moisture can wreak havoc in a wide number of business sectors.

  • Healthcare providers are advised by industry regulators to keep storage areas at between 30 percent and 60 percent relative humidity. This is because should moisture levels go above or below this range, the equipment stored in that location would be considered no longer sterile and thus not fit for treating patients.
  • Data center operators should strive to keep server room moisture levels between 40 percent and 55 percent, depending on the type of computer equipment used. When levels are too high, moisture collects on the internal parts of machines and can cause them to break down. At the other end of the spectrum, levels that are too low can lead to electricity discharges and circuits being shorted.
  • Telecommunications equipment can kept in locations with between 30 percent and 55 percent, although it is prone to same kind of failures as data center machines when conditions go above or below that range.

The only way managers can keep tabs on moisture levels is by using humidity monitoring equipment, and ITWatchDogs offers some of the best remote environmental monitoring solutions in the industry.

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