New cooling technology available ideal for small spaces
Thursday, Feb 20th 2014

ITWatchDogs has released a new solution to address cooling needs in small spaces. The system, called RAC10, is ideally suited for airflow and temperature management of servers, network switches and telephone technology in compact locations.

RAC10 features two regulated fans, up to four external temperature sensors and one internal sensor to remove excess heat that can build up in limited areas, ensuring that sensitive IT and communication hardware does not overheat and lose functionality. The unit includes redundant fan cartridges, a power input and cable tie loop, ethernet R145 and an optional ducting kit. The equipment also has a ceiling mount wire hanger loop as well as a wall stud mounting flange for easy installation.

Technology abilities
To provide best-in-class protection against equipment overheating and downtime, RAC10 can set off several escalating alarms if the temperature exceeds or falls below the ideal range. In the event the temperature sensors detect a potentially damaging change in the surrounding environment, the system can also send an email and SMS message to key employees. This allows for a quick response, which can prevent monitored hardware from experiencing adverse temperature effects.

The technology interface can also display real time data relating to temperature logs and adjustable graphic scales. As an added benefit for users, RAC10 does not require software to operate besides a connection to a standard Web browser. The browser link is password protected for security and can be customized with three access account levels, including administrator, control and view only depending on the individual user settings.

Overall, RAC10 enables users to normalize the entire IT space, as opposed to altering controls for hot spots. The arrangement removes the heat from the small area and circulates it to a nearby corridor or ceiling plenum return. In this way, the environment surrounding the hardware is controlled using building air, and individuals have visibility over their small space and equipment.

Use case: communications and server closet installation
The RAC10 system was installed in a communications/server closet at a Christian Living Communities facility. Before the technology was installed, the four foot by six foot space registered a temperature of 85.1 degrees Fahrenheit. The closet's former cooling system included an undersized exhaust fan and a connection to the building's HVAC air conditioner.

With the RAC10 solution in place, the internal temperature dropped to 72 degrees Fahrenheit, with an average temperature of 73.1 degrees in the space, to better protect sensitive IT and communications equipment.