Latest installment of INTERFACE set to begin soon
Wednesday, Jul 17th 2013

Data center monitoring experts and other IT professionals looking to brush up on their skills and learn more about the latest happenings in the industry should be sure to check out the INTERFACE 2013 conference.

INTERFACE is a vendor-agnostic conference dedicated to helping attendees learn more about the latest tips, tricks and news that has to deal with telecommunications, IT infrastructure management and cybersecurity.

"It's critical to stay current with the technology that runs your organization and secures your operational infrastructure," the INTERFACE website said. "INTERFACE addresses these IT issues through informative, non-sales oriented, educational seminars customized to the specific needs of the local business community. Using case studies and best practice examples, these vendor-presented sessions offer you the solutions needed to address your technology challenges and achieve your organizational goals."

Another way in which INTERFACE is different than many other similar conferences is that it is not a one-off event. INTERFACE will be at 13 different cities over the course of this year, with the next one coming to Kansas City, Mo., on July 25.

Why IT professionals should attend the next INTERFACE
As opposed to some other conferences that have ulterior motives, INTERFACE is solely dedicated to education. As a result, all businesses can expect to come away from the conference with actionable feedback that can make any IT-based environment more efficient.

The topics that are set to be covered at the next INTERFACE in Kansas City include:

  • How to deal with distributed denial of service attacks
  • Finding and preventing potential security issues presented by a bring-your-own-device policy
  • Different ways businesses can use tablets
  • Ways to deal with dynamic security threats
  • Automating malware analysis tasks
  • How to develop good BYOD and enterprise mobility policies
  • Using ITIL to maximize the cloud and data center environments
  • Disaster recovery, business continuity and data loss prevention
  • Creating data storage strategies for specific business units
  • How to best store data in a virtualized data center setting
  • Forensics processes and intelligent networks

Another key benefit of INTERFACE is that the attendees and vendors at the conference are carefully chosen, as attendance at the event is through invite only. For example, the U.S. Department of Agriculture is leading a talk in Kansas City, and data center monitoring experts from ITWatchDogs, the distributor of state-of-the-art temperature and humidity monitoring equipment, will be on hand as well. Mo Sheikh, Marketing Manager of ITWatchDogs, will be one of the company's representatives that is set to appear at the one-day event.

"This conference model was designed to specifically meet the needs of IT professionals and is guaranteed to be time well spent," the INTERFACE website said.