Uptime Institute announces this year's data center award winners
Wednesday, Feb 26th 2014

Nobody ever disputed that a strong company needs a strong data center to match, but now there's an award for truly exemplary businesses. The Uptime Institute - an independent service that focuses on building engagement within the data center community - announced on Feb. 25 the first group of winners in its Brill Awards for Efficient IT, an effort intended to call attention to model IT practice worldwide.

The awards were given to companies in large part on the basis of the efficiency of their data center operations. The winning businesses are highly eclectic in terms of their operations, but they share a singular commitment to sustaining first-rate data centers. Each of the 18 winning enterprises demonstrated superior overall data center management. Of course, one integral part of data center efficiency is how they handle data room cooling. As two winners of the Brill Award prove, this element was a big reason why particular data centers were chosen by the Uptime Institute.

EBay: A cooling powerhouse
EBay is such a massive operation that it comes as no surprise that its data centers operate with the same enormity of scale. According to their site, they took the challenge of housing all their data as an opportunity to use the least amount of energy possible. And it did this in one of the toughest places possible: Arizona, where the hot climate would seemingly create a need for constant data room cooling. Yet eBay built a center that did not rely on massive expenditures for air conditioning. They did this by teaming with a computing ecosystems solutions provider to develop a cooling system that relied on the effective channeling of free air to keep the data center running in optimal  conditions.

LG CNS: Keeping it cool
Like eBay, IT giant LG CNS is no stranger to operating on a large scale, and it brings the same aptitude to its data centers that it does to managing big business. Its data center in Buscon, South Korea, features a system of cool and hot zones within the server rooms that ensures cool air is delivered to the servers, according to a company video. Like eBay's Arizona center, this facility also relies on free cooling from an outdoor tower. With this system, an interior water cooling unit only has to be in place as a backup option.