More data means more data centers
Tuesday, Mar 4th 2014

Big data is everywhere these days. People tap into big data repositories every time they log on to a social media site. Companies in every industrial sector are exploring big data options. With the proliferation of such data comes the need to store it, which means that data centers are more in demand than ever before. But as big data develops in sophistication, so too must data centers - which means they have to evaluate the way they tackle data room cooling.

According to FierceEnergy, there is a push among data centers to update their outdated cooling equipment in order to accommodate the influx of big data landing in their facilities.

As Frost & Sullivan energy research analyst Pramod Dibble pointed out, there are still many data centers whose outdated cooling equipment can prove detrimental to the environment with greenhouse emissions. Outdated equipment also drives operating costs up - which is why centers are exploring more economical and environmentally sustainable solutions.

"Operational efficiency is gaining momentum as a key driver for cooling solutions," Dibble said.

In this regard, Google is already ahead of the game. The tech giant has made operational efficiency its top priority for its global data operations, with renewable energy powering more than a third of its operations, according to its site.