Data centers must develop strong temperature monitor methods
Monday, Mar 17th 2014

Running a data center is no easy feat, and requires a lot of different computations. Servers are central to data center functionality and must be looked after at all times, but there are many other facility features that can be improved through advanced monitoring techniques and technologies.

While some facility operators limit oversight to purely ensuring continued operation, Facebook and eBay are among those that pay just as close attention to monitoring water and power consumption, according to Forbes. For these huge companies, resource usage monitoring helps maintain energy and water efficiency. EBay uses a program called Digital Service Efficiency, which according to GreenBiz centers around examining facility resource consumption data to improve functionality and alleviate environmental impact.

"We started to work on this three years ago, because we needed to uplevel the conversation," explained the company's VP of global foundation services Dean Nelson. 

Of course, companies may not have the scale or resources to replicate the data center maintenance strategy of computing giants like Yahoo or Facebook. But all data centers, regardless of size, can benefit from a granular, real-time temperature monitor strategy. Such a solution not only helps keep costs low, but can also prove environmentally beneficial by decreasing data center energy waste.