Data center monitoring, maintenance increasingly critical to the bottom line
Wednesday, Jul 31st 2013

The stock fortunes of data center providers have skyrocketed of late as IT networks become more critical to business success, but this wave can only be supported if these firms utilize quality data center monitoring equipment. 

According to investment advice website Seeking Alpha, the value of publicly traded data center real estate investment trusts has reached new highs in recent months as demand for computing power and server space increases. Furthermore, since the vast majority of companies have few viable alternatives to using these data centers, their stock fortunes will likely remain high for at least the foreseeable future.

However, as the data center market's fortunes grow, so too does the amount of competition in the field. Increasingly, one way in which firms can better differentiate themselves in the eyes of investors, according to Data Center Knowledge, is by further utilizing data center monitoring equipment like a state-of-the-art temperature sensor. In particular, the news source noted that the stock prices of some of the biggest names in the data center space had declined of late because investors expressed doubt regarding the company's commitment to data center monitoring and maintenance.

"Data center maintenance may not seem like a sexy topic for Wall Street. But during this earnings season, maintenance costs have been a key discussion item during the earnings calls for three of the industry's largest data center operators," DCK editor Rich Miller wrote.