Data center construction projects create overall market growth
Tuesday, Jan 28th 2014

A recent report from Infiniti Research highlighted the considerable growth of the global data center construction market due to rising colocation demands.

According to the report, the market is projected to rise at a compound annual growth rate of 15.78 percent between 2012 and 2016. In addition to construction projects for brand new facilities providing resource for boosted customer needs, data center expansion initiatives are driving market expansion.

"The increase in adoption of advanced technologies by various enterprises is increasing the digital content in enterprise networks, which in turn has increased the demand for data centers," the report stated. "Apart from procuring the latest data center equipment, enterprises are also installing powering and cooling solutions in order to increase the operational efficiency, alongside reducing the operational expenses." 

As enterprises procure more on-premise systems, they increasingly require additional cooling and temperature monitoring technology to keep hardware optimally functional. 

Current data center construction projects

A number of organizations are currently engaged in data center projects, adding to the overall market expansion. Data center provider ColoHub, for example, recently completed construction on a 56,000-square-foot facility in Bettendorf, Iowa, according to Data Center Knowledge. The facility can support six megawatts of power workload, and currently has three 10,000-square-foot client pods available for lease.

The ColoHub facility construction included the installation of high-speed fiber optic cable links, connecting the data center to Chicago and Denver, Data Center Knowledge stated. Furthermore, the establishment offers redundant power systems, a best-in-class cooling arrangement, on-premise security and office or conference space.

ColoHub isn't the only organization opening up shop in Iowa, as Data Center Knowledge pointed out that the state has attracted several large scale data center projects. Google recently spend $1.5 billion on its Iowa data center, and Microsoft invested $677.6 million in new data center construction there.

According to GeekWire, Microsoft also recently purchased 200 acres of land in Quincy, Wash., which will be used for another data center construction project. The software giant already boasts a 75-acre data center in Quincy, and the new facility will provide added support for growing cloud computing demands.

Cloud and IT hosting service provider OneNeck IT Solutions also recently announced a data center construction initiative, adding to overall market growth. The business began a $12 million construction project in Eden Prairie, Minn., to expand its Tier III data center. Once completed, the facility will be 18,000 square feet.

"We are excited construction is underway and look forward to completing the project by mid-year on what will soon be one of the largest commercially available Tier III data center in the region," said OneNeck president and CEO Phil LaForge.

As organizations expand their existing facilities and create new ones, they will need to ensure that the server room temperature is at the optimal level. Using a temperature monitoring system, operators can oversee the data room temperature and ensure that it does not exceed the target zone. This technology can prevent costly IT equipment from overheating and ensure that resources are always available.