Are data center fires becoming increasingly common?
Thursday, Aug 13th 2015

Of the myriad threats facing data center operations today, perhaps none is as awe-inspiring and damaging as a fire. A blaze can spread quickly and totally annihilate operations in very little time. As recent headlines show, data center fires are still a major concern, which is why all facilities should ensure they are protected and adopt next-gen data center temperature monitoring solutions.

Data center downtime, while generally quite rare across the industry, is usually caused by human error, ComputerWeekly reported. According to Networks Asia contributor Stefano Valdrighi, about 6 percent of all data center infrastructure issues that lead to downtime are caused by fires. As some recent events show, fires are among the worst types of issues a data center may ever deal with:

While many of these events did not last very long, it does not take much time for a downtime incident to really add up. According to statistics cited by Gartner analyst Andrew Lerner last July, a minute of network downtime costs businesses about $5,600 on average. This means that an hour of downtime often sets a company back around $300,000. This is just an average too, as costs for downtime can be as high as $540,000 per hour or more in some instances.

"It is therefore necessary to provide a reliable infrastructure for data center operations in order to minimize any chance of disruption," Valdrighi wrote.

How to effectively prevent data center fires from ever happening
In regard to data center downtime, it is always better to be vigilant about preventing the issue before it ever crops up. In the case of fires, one way to do this is by installing a data center temperature monitoring solution like the Watchdog 15 from ITWatchDogs. That way, should the temperature of a server room ever rise above normal levels, facility managers can be immediately notified. Armed with this information, they can take prompt action to remedy the situation before it becomes a catastrophe.

"Simply put, the central task of a fire safety system is to keep the business functioning, even in the event of a fire," Valdrighi noted.

Data center fires may not be the most common cause of data center downtime, but they still happen too frequently and cause major damage when they do crop up. A great way to protect facilities from blazes is by installing temperature monitoring equipment in server rooms. To learn more about what humidity and temperature monitoring solutions are right for you and your facility, be sure to contact ITWatchDogs today.