Food temperature monitoring vital for restaurant reputation
Tuesday, Mar 18th 2014

In the food service sphere, keeping the restaurant temperature freezer monitor at an optimal level is crucial for business. Without the proper food maintenance, restaurants risk falling afoul of local inspectors, a lesson two restaurants in Richmond, Va. learned the hard way when unhealthy food temperatures led them to incur critical violations, according to NBC12.

One of those restaurants - a popular and generally well-evaluated diner - found its record blemished when health inspectors discovered that gravy and milk had not been kept at useable temperatures. Despite the good reputation that the restaurant had established in the community, its business could have still suffered due to having its name written up in the paper.

At another restaurant, it was discovered that shrimp was being kept at a temperature nearly 40 degrees higher than was required.

A critical incident report like the ones filed against the two Richmond restaurants can significantly tarnish an eatery's reputation among current and prospective customers. Fortunately, there are measures restaurants can take to prevent that from happening.

In order to prevent a similar situation, have good freezer temperature monitor
If restaurants do not follow the proper protocol for refrigerating their food, they risk letting that food spoil without even realizing it. One of the ways food can inadvertently go bad is through a faulty refrigeration system that is not delivering the requisite cool air to the stored food. In order to detect a refrigeration problem before it hurts business, restaurants should make sure they have a freezer temperature monitor.

As refrigerator repair expert Mitch Byrne points out, restaurant coolers should be maintained between 35 and 38 degrees Fahrenheit, while walk-in freezers should run from 0 to -10 degrees. A freezer monitor can help facility management ensure that critical refrigeration devices never operate out of range.