Arby's implements new temperature monitoring system
Friday, Sep 20th 2013

Monitoring the temperature of food products is vital for restaurant and kitchen safety. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 48 million people become ill due to foodborne diseases each year. Additionally, 128,000 are hospitalized and 3,000 die annually as a result of foodborne illnesses. Therefore, it is in a restaurant's best interest to employ temperature monitoring technology to ensure its products are stored at an optimum temperature for food safety.

Arby's Restaurant Group recently announced it will install new temperature monitoring systems in more than 860 corporate restaurants nationwide, according to QSR Web.

The new system will constantly monitor the temperatures in refrigerated and heated holding equipment. HVAC and other electrical systems can be operated with a mobile application and Web interface, allowing employees to be continuously informed of their storage units' statuses.

Arby's senior vice president of operations Scott Boatwright said the technology will also give the company more control over costs and more opportunity to prevent any issues within restaurant food storage units.

"Not only will the system enable us to get HVAC costs under control in the restaurants where they have been installed, but they will also help identify problems with both rooftop cooling units and refrigeration equipment," Boatwright said.