Reasons your organization should use environment control systems

While no one can control all outside variables that affect operations, environment control systems are incredibly useful at reducing their effects and helping systems operators sleep soundly at night.

In every industry, external concerns can threaten to upend business as usual. For example, a power outage can leave a building without power for days or a flood could ruin computer equipment. Organizational leaders more often than not spend their time worrying about a wide variety of concerns ranging from inventory and employee management to cost-related issues. By using environment control systems, problems like excess heat or improper humidity levels will never be one of those constant sources of worry.

What variables should environment control systems monitor?

While every industry has their own specific concerns, there are some core issues that just about every property manager should keep in mind.

  • Temperature: Few variables can derail operations quite like out of whack temperatures. For example, a restaurant's cold storage facility that is not warm enough will cause food to develop freezer burn and potentially be unusable. On the flip side, a telecommunications facility that is too warm could mean that vital equipment overheats and breaks down. The issues presented by extreme temperatures are present beyond these two industries, and this issue needs to be addressed by just about everyone.
  • Humidity and water: The dangers presented by flooding and water damage are obvious, but excess humidity can also be just as harmful. When humidity is too high, water collects on vital electronics and can corrode crucial infrastructure. At the opposite end of the spectrum, too little humidity could create an environment in which static electricity builds up - presenting a situation in which a computer room or storage facility inadvertently turns into a tinder box.

No matter the concerns being dealt with, the environment control systems offered by ITWatchDogs can monitor just about any variable and will help to ensure that equipment and facilities not damaged by water, heat or other variables.

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