Importance of maintaining an ideal computer room temperature

Server room operators have many concerns that they must deal with throughout the average day - issues like ensuring that equipment is always running and that ideal humidity conditions are maintained - but perhaps the biggest worry is computer room temperature. Nothing can derail a data center quite like equipment overheating. So, it is vitally important for managers to do everything they can to make sure the server room stays at the right temperature all the time.

A wide number of variables need to be considered by data center and server room operators when figuring out what the optimal computer room temperature would be. Some of these external considerations include the type of computer equipment used, the setup and configuration of the server room and the output needs of the location. However, experts recommend keeping the temperature between 68 and 71 degrees Fahrenheit, with 50 degrees being the coldest and 82 degrees F being the peak.

How operators can maintain the right computer room temperature

One of the main reasons why it can be difficult to make sure the computer room temperature does not fluctuate is that the machines generate the heat that can ruin the equipment. The temperature in the server room rises as the equipment workload increases, but operators also need to make sure that the server room does not become so cold that the machines cannot run effectively. There are many ways in which managers can make sure operations are always running smoothly though.

  • By using a central heating and air conditioning unit, managers can more accurately regulate a location's temperature.
  • With remote monitoring equipment, operations will have peace of mind knowing that they will be alerted if temperatures spike unexpectedly.
  • Other ways data center managers can ensure that excess heat does not build up is by using vents to channel heat away or to use cold water pipes to lower temperatures.

The only way operators can know with absolute certainty that the temperature inside a computer room is ideal is by using remote monitors, and ITWatchDogs has all the monitoring equipment and accessories to meet any facility's unique needs.

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